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Kinfolk Community Empowerment Center
  • Food Justice Corridor

    The Food Justice Corridor uses urban agriculture as a community engagement tool to address health and economic disparities in Richmond neighborhoods. In addition to urban agriculture related workforce and entrepreneurial  development, the Food Justice Corridor reduces the school-to-prison pipeline by using evidence-informed and culturally significant youth programming to target the intersection of nutrition, academic performance, and violent/disruptive behavior. 

    Focus Areas

    Community Engagement

    Alternatives to Youth Incarceration



    Conflict Resolution


    Community Unity In Action


    By the end of 2015 there were 14 organizations working on the transformation of Richmond's Mosby Court public housing neighborhood. These organizations were working on collaborations that had been formed by Kinfolk Community Empowerment Center and were focused in the following areas: community engagement, community violence, and mass incarceration.  

    In early 2016 an organizational think tank was established and named Community Unity In Action to have conversations on how to better coordinate these efforts. The outcomes of these discussions were that three areas needed to be strengthened and they were as follows: Organizational unity, Building trusting relationships, and Development of spiritual values.

    In June of 2016 a decision was made to form an organization dedicated to the above values. The group determined that the community violence that it was witnessing was the result of health and economic disparities and that those inequalities could be addressed by using urban agriculture as a community engagement tool. In addition it was determined by the group that in order to be most effective in the community, all of the organizations would need to focus in one of five key focus areas...

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